What links attractions of the Sudovia region with an active lifestyle and fashion for being fit? Hmm... Maybe it’s SIRVIS Apartamenty.

Do you like to spend your time in an active way? If so, come and visit us. Sudovia brings a guarantee for fantastic scenery. Moreover, sport and active tourism is what we really love and specialize in.


Growing popularity of an active leisure led to development of a new trend that clearly wins worldwide recognition. This is about sport and active tourism. Today sport and physical activities are gaining popularity as an important way for spending vacations and holidays.

In recent years, we are dealing with rapid development of mass sport events. Thousands of people participate in cycling and running competitions, triathlon becomes more and more popular, many people attend fitness clubs, there are hundreds of training guides in bookstores, more and more amateur athletes seek for an advice from coaches, or attend to sport camps.

We have been also influenced by this fashion, and became a part of the community. Running, swimming, biking make us happy. We combine these three disciplines into one, and do the triathlon. We do participate in sport events, including marathons and IRONMAN-s. We clearly understand the needs and expectations of athletes, so it is easy for us to prepare a special offer for people with similar interests. Regardless of skill level, both beginners and advanced, everyone will find something interesting at our place.

SIRVIS Apartamenty is specializing in an active tourism. Do you like to spend time actively? Come to us and you will not be bored. You'll find exactly what you need: a beautiful lake, trails for biking, walking, cross-country skiing, everything set in a natural scenery and beauty. Our location near the Masuria tourist attractions gives perfectly fresh air and guarantee of unforgettable experience.


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  Sport and active tourism by SIRVIS Apartamenty:

  • Excellent conditions for swimming - tranquility and crystalline water
  • Trails for running and walking - Forest and Augustow Channel
  • Cycling routes - sightseeing tours, cycling workouts and MTB
  • Nordic walking in the Augustow Forest
  • Kayaks - expedition on the lake and canoeing
  • Training camps and workshops - swimming, cycling, running
  • Fitness room with professional equipment
  • Open air CrossFit training area
  • Equipment rental (bicycles, nordic walking, kayaking, SUP, sailboat)
  • Scuba diving from our beach
  • Cross-country skiing and... surprise, but also downhill skiing
  • Recovery in our saunas - dry one, or "Russian Bath" by the lake
  • Natural spa by the lake - massages and relaxing baths
  • Diet in line with expectations of active people
  • Tell us what else you wish to add to the list >>>