Directly on the shores of Lake Serwy, on the edge of the Augustow Forest. Peace, quiet, close to nature.

We are in the heart of the Polish Green Lungs. Come, take a deep breath and feel the magic of this place. Together we will discover the beauty of the Sudovia Region.


SIRVIS Apartamenty is an ideal place to relax close to the national parks and Masuria nature. Here, you will find everything you need - quietness, clear water of the lake, a private beach with a pier, water equipment, fitness room, children's playground, "Russian Bath". It's also a great base for running, biking, nordic walking, hiking, wild mushroom picking, and even... for downhill skiing.

Exploring beauty of the Sudovia Region - in addition to pure nature - you will see traditional architecture of the region, historical buildings, old churches. While resting, we highly recommend local kitchen, Polish and Lithuanian.

Route from Augustow: heading for Vilnius and Sejny (route 663 / DK16). About 20 km away, at the traffic km pole 357/8 you will have a sign to the left Tobolowo, Bryzgiel, Plociczno, to the right Molowiste, Plaska. Turn right, drive through Macharce, Podmacharce and get to Molowiste. About 500 meters away from the Molowiste sign, on the right side of the road you will see two gray buildings.

Route from Suwalki: heading for Plociczno, Gawrych Ruda, Bryzgiel, Krusznik. At the crossing with route DK 16, you drive straight ahead in the direction Plaska. Macharce, Podmacharce, Molowiste... See directions above.

Route from Sejny: driving route DK 16, Augustow direction. At the traffic km pole 357/9, you will get to the crossing and a signpost to the left Molowiste, Plaska. Turn left, and then go straight to the point. See directions above.

Serwy Lake - Molowiste 22 - 16-326 Plaska