?emkowyna Ultra Trail


Real hardcore for the toughest... As a partner of the run, we welcome the participants and all active people to the off-season recovery and regeneration in the Sudovia region. Well, we must admit that the athletes also deserve something sweet from daily life.

?emkowyna Ultra Trail means four distances: 30 km, 48 km, 70 km, 150 km and hours of the real battle. Following such effort recovery is essential, and when you think recovery, it must be SIRVIS. It is true, it is quite remote location, but...

All who complete one of the distances during the ?UT run this year will get 25% discount

All active who state "SIRVIS is the best for active" will get 15% discount

The discount applies to accommodation - the offer is valid until 15/12/2015 (except St. Andrew's weekend).

You can count on regeneration in our "Russian Bath" sauna, cryotherapy in the waters of Lake Serwy, our fitness center, dry sauna, bicycles and unlimited active forms of recreation.

As the matter of fact we do not start in ?UT'15, but we keep our fingers crossed for the toughest. We would be happy to host you in our place designed for people who enjoy sport and active tourism.


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