sushi workshop


In December we invite our guests for two meetings with Santa Claus. The first is the Santa Weekend, and another, of course, Christmas. The Santa Weekend is an opportunity to meet with friends and prepare a very special dinner.

WHEN: 04-06 December

Our proposal is somewhat unusual. We invite you for a sushi tasting weekend, all under the name SUSHI NICHOLAS. Together with our Master, we will prepare sushi rolls, and then we will celebrate. Tasting can not take place without wine consumption. It's gonna be real fun.

Our Sushi weekend:


  • arrival and accommodation
  • dinner – regional meals


  • buffet breakfast
  • weekend relax – walking, biking, fitness, „Russian Bath”, home cinema, …
  • sushi workshop – do it and eat it together
  • contest for the best Santa sushi
  • evening party


  • buffet breakfast
  • even more relax
  • departure

PACKAGE PRICE: 290 PLN (price per person, accommodation in a double room)